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Lovegra has helped many Dysfunctional women to add some spice in their life. When faced with sexual dysfunction, one's sex and love life go for a toss. With Viagra impotence in men was solved in matter of minutes, while women still struggled to cope with this intimate loss which caused them depression and left feeling guilty. With the introduction of Lovegra (Sildenafil Citrate) well known as Female Viagra, lives of many women have improved for they no longer have to hide away in corner concealing their coital needs.

Lovegra is a magical pink pill which was devise and scientific designed to keeping women's anatomy in mind. It inflates the blood vessels in the genital area which are responsible for sensitising clitoris. Once the clitoris are sensitised it gets women easy stimulated, in addition it relaxes the glands to provide enough fluid to vagina. Sildenafil Citrate is responsible for increasing vaginal wetness and compliance which results that a woman can enjoy a safe and pleasurable intercourse. This miniscule 100mg diamond shaped Lovegra tablet come into effect within 45 minutes and has a lasting effect for about 4 to 6 hours. In this period if the women is stimulated, her vaginal wetness and compliance is sure to reach new height and helps her achieve multiple orgasm. The insensitive issue of dysfunction now converted into a gratifying experience with this female Viagra.

Dysfunction is no more considered to be an end of a woman's sexual relationships, for Lovegra gives you second chance to bring in that happiness, bliss and contentment back in your mundane coital life. When your physical relationships are stronger backed by your powerful emotional bonding, you are sure to live a satisfied life.

Lovegra - 100mg
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Lovegra targets the root cause of female sexual dysfunction with eloquence that is not shown by any drug. Women are faced with this syndrome for their intimate genital parts donít get stimulated as blood, making them insensitive to the course of sex and leaving them dry which may cause them further damage if they indulge in some rough sex.

Lovegra, inhibits the activity of the enzyme PDE 5 which is responsible for providing improved blood flow to the genital areas of a female anatomy, in addition it encourages the production of enzyme cGMP that is responsible for regulating and stabilizing the blood supply. Both these activities help women to have an improved sensitivity, so that they can enjoy lightest sensation with immense pleasure.

Each medication comes with a precautionary note, for the molecule can have different effect on different people. Hence, before consuming the tablet be aware about what it might lead.

1. Lovegra tablets have shown signs of causing dizziness or drowsiness and hence one must avoid driving a vehicle or working on machinery soon after the intake.
2. Overdoes of the medication should be avoided for it may lead to some chronic side effect.
3. Do not Try and not mix this pill with any other medication that you might be on, especially ones containing nitrate.
4. Consult a doctor before taking this tablet if you have previous medical history of abnormal heart condition, high blood sugar levels, hypertension or allergic to Sildenafil Citrate and if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant soon.
5. Lovegra is strictly prohibited for breast-feeding mothers as it has chances of harming the baby when it can be transferred via the milk.

Lovegraís side effects include blurred vision, facial flushing, drowsiness, stomach upset, headache, vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea and dizziness. They are momentary and it faced for longer period consult a doctor immediately. Only 1 % of the Lovegra users have complained about serious reactions like inability to breathe properly, chest pain, and sudden increase in the heart beat. In such cases a doctor must be consulted before the next intake of the pill.

Lovegraís prescribed dosage of 100 mg should be consumed at least 50 minutes before a person desires to make love with her partner, for it takes more time for the medication to show its effect on the women body than on men. It must not be consumed more than once in a day, which should be sufficient considering it has a lasting effect for about 4 to 6 hours.

It should be consumed with water. Do not break, crush or chew the tablets for consumption it may prove harmful. Consult your doctor to understand what the right dosage pattern is for you, in case certain dosage of Lovegra isnít have desired effect on your body or shows some prolonged side effects.

Generic brands of female Viagra work similar wonders as the original brand but are more appealing for they come with an attractive price tag that is much lower than the branded ones. While the branded medications are super expensive making a hole through consumerís pocket, generics are easily accessible and wonderfully reasonable in rates. The medication dosage of the generic and branded female Viagra and its effect on the women are similar, for generic is their complete replica. With online market flooded with generics, their popularity is reaching new heights with each passing day for their service is as efficient as the branded one.

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